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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

pokemon sun and moon new pokemon

Posted by jesie delafuel | 5:18 AM Categories:
The first two global missions in Pokémon Sun and Moon have failed, but Nintendo and Game Freak want to give you and your coaching colleagues a new chance soon. From January 31, 2017, the third "global mission" will be launched to replace as many Pokémon as possible through the Global Trading Station.

Download pokemon sun rom
Since November last year, the new Pokémon editions Sun and Moon are available for Nintendo 3DS. In addition to all the tasks and distractions that the game has to offer anyway, Nintendo and developer GameFreak also organize regular "global missions" - worldwide events, in which the entire player has to achieve certain goals together. After the first of these missions failed and players did not manage to complete the second mission, the third event is scheduled to start in January.

From January 31 to February 14, 2017, players are to be allowed to devote themselves to a new task, which is to turn as many of the coveted pocket monsters as possible over the "Global Trade Station". How high the goal set by the developers this time is, is still uncertain. It is, however, to be expected that Nintendo and Game Freak will set a somewhat easier goal for the game this time to avoid a further bounce.

As part of the previous global mission, the task of the players had been to track down at least one million Pokémon per island scanner and then capture or defeat them. This goal was missed with only 661,839 Pokémon, however, far. As a reward for completed global missions, you always attract large amounts of valuable festival coins, which can be used in the game for various activities.

Just two months later, you can finally play Pokémon Sun and Moon! To prepare you for the new Pokémon games, The Pokémon Company now announced a demo that you can try in a few days.

Pokémon Sun & Moon: Developing the starter Pokémon and much more
But before you can take a look at the first Alola-air, there are some interesting announcements from The Pokémon Company. First, you can take a first look at the second development stage of starter Pokémon Bauz, Flamiau and Robball:

While Arboretoss, the further development of Bauz, shines with its messy wings and a very sensitive perception, Miezunder is very nimble especially in the dark and can shoot flames on the opponents with his neckband. And the cute Marikeck, which can be developed from Robball, as soon as a certain level has been reached, is a dancing popstern hurling water bubbles at enemy Pokémon during his choreography.

 In addition to the three new developments, the Pokémon Company announced that all of the Pokémon, who were able to carry out mega-developments in the previous parts, can also do this in the sun and the moon. New features are also presented in the trailer: At the Festival Plaza, you can meet with other coaches, fight with them or exchange them. If you meet characters who are also on the pitch, a wish, you deserve festival coins, which you spend on different stalls in the square. And then there is the so-called spectacle, in which you work together with other players for specific goals.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Pokédex with list of all Pokémon of the 7th generation
In addition to the Festival Plaza, the Pokémon department is also presented. Here are your Pokémon, which you stored in boxes, in the future vacation! This does not only look more beautiful than the previous Pokémon storage options, but brings different advantages with it. So the Pokémon in the resort often find rare items for you, are trained without your help, and even more resort islands free.

At the Pokémon Resort, your Pokémon will go on vacation in the future.
But now finally all the information on the above announced demo: In this you explore together with the Pokémon Ash-Quajutsu the Alola islands, which is mainly known from Pokémon - the TV series: XYZ. The Pokémon can then be imported by you into the full version of the game. The Pokémon: Sun & Moon demo will be released on 18 October and the full game will follow on 23 November. Both versions can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS

This November is finally back: Grab them all! With Pokémon Sun and Moon, the beloved pocket monsters are back on the screens of the Nintendo 3DS - and want to make the anniversary a lot different than before. How well this works and whether sun and moon is worth, you will get in the test.

For the Pokémon series, it is the perfect year to break out of the usual formula of pocket-monster catching and break new ground. Finally, the famous video game series in the current year is already 20 years old. Years, in which the basic principle has worked perfectly and, above all, very successfully. But also years when I've always wondered when The Pokémon Company and Nintendo go a step further with their hit. While Pokémon GO is a definite answer to this question, Pokémon wants the sun and the moon to become a little less conventional - from the summery Alola world over powerful Z attacks to the entirely new arena system. What works like this and how it feels really different is explained in the following sub-items on the story, the design, the fighting and arena system, and the rest of the knowledgeable little stuff.

The Story
To say that the Pokémon games would be known for their thoughtful and catchy stories, would be a brazen joke. And yet, it is just the story that bounces at the beginning of Pokémon sun and moon in the face. Before I even enter the game, I watch a girl with a white hat and sports bag run away from mysterious figures in a cutscene. The scene makes one curious and thus equally clear: Here in history more will happen than for the series usual. It takes a long time to choose the starter Bauz, Flamiau or Robball - it has to be the production of the Alola world before the first real Pokémon and fighting come into play. The fact that the almost half-hour welcome on the island, which replaces a tutorial for catching and fighting, can not be skipped is a stupid thing for profit-makers, but contributes to a better understanding of the game and therefore also its history.

Something a pity is that the new Pokémon game still has to nibble on its little gripping storyline. While the story this time unimagined and in the basic features really exciting dimensions assumes, it goes over clearly too long periods in favor of the battles completely into the background, instead of keeping me on the silk thread with curiosity. The central figures and motivations around Professor Kukui are actually beautifully designed. Enough space, to change constantly to the other jobs as a Pokémon trainer steadily new in the history, they could surely have offered. Contrary to Team Skull, with their ultracoolen Moves a too shallow youth parody.

The design
The change from the classic high grass to a completely new island setting, Pokémon is incredibly good - and if only because everything just looks a little different than you are used to. The details in this Hawaii-inspired island world are loving: on the one hand, there are matching ukulele sounds when picking up items, on the other hand, appropriate animations raise the ambience of the title to the respective opponent. Also the new Pokédex named Rotom is sugar-sweetened: I inadvertently in the eye instead of the card, he reacts to it. Not to mention the animation when I exchange a Pokémon with a good friend who knows every second of our anticipation. Here are the small things.

The world of Alola is thematically fitting and beautifully detailed.
If we move away from visual design to game design outside the fighting, then you will find the usual Pokémon quality, which times experiments and times a step in the right direction makes. For example, the menu management and the exchange of Pokémon within the team and the PC box were sensibly adapted.
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